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What will really happen if marijuana is legalized?

I was just thinking the other day, if marijuana is legalized, won't that make more farmers to to growing weed in place of other, less lucrative crops like corn, tomatoes, etc? it seems to me that a farmer is going to grow what pays him the most, and if weed is the US's biggest cash crop, thats obviously where the money is. Could the legalization of weed cause there to be a shortage of agricultural farming? A similar thing is going on in Colombia with cocaine. More farmers grow cocoa leaves because it nets more than other crops.

The taxes would go to growing govt bigger and bigger and our govt would probably go after the cartels more to get a piece of the profits . Our govt would become drug dealers and more students will drop out of school and more people will join gangs. it would be terrible-

If corn were illegal it would sell for $35 an 1/8.

When weed becomes legal, the price will decrease. So no none of that $hit will happen.

ummm, ya might git stoned! LOL

We need to grow hemp for paper and fabric NOW!!!

A lot less crime due to the fact drug dealers would no longer be in control of the marijuana because it would now be legal. A lot of jobs and businesses would be created.

Not likely.

If it's legalized, the results will be almost identical to what happened when we ended prohibition.

Bunch of dope head zombie's walking around.

more people would be like cheech and chong movies

Thats very interesting.

When it was first banned William Randalph Hurst ran stories about black people and mexicans getting high and rapeing white women. The reason he did this is because industrial hemp could have replaced paper but in order to do it he would have switched all his machinery and it would have cost him millions.

If it was legalized…………The crime rate around the border and surrounding marijuana would decrease.Just like with alcohol prohition and Al Capone many new green industries would arise because of the textile qualities. Cars could eventually be ran on hemp oil. So many possibilities. on top of that the legitimate medical uses. I have read many interesting peer reviewed research on some of the qualities.

The myth that all of society would go mad and start using drugs is absurd. The Netherlands doesnt have everyone running around messed up.

I can only guess, but based on current logic I would say it would be a bad thing. if abortion were not legal, there would be the "dirty back ally" abortions, if guns were legal there would be "old west gunfights" breaking out all over, so if pot becomes legal there will be thousands of stoned and useless people who clutter the streets and we'll be stepping over them on the way to work.

how much blasted weed can one country consume??
its not like wheat.

If Marijuana were legalised, it would lead to all manner of strange happenings. as you suggest, some farmers (in the early days following legalisation) will start growing marijuana on their farms. this however will quickly become unprofitable and the reason why is because many users of maijuana will simply be growing it at home in their own back yards (gardens).

So long as 'drugs' are 'illegal' they remain expensive and thus profitable to the farmer – including the poppy harvest of Afghanistan, where many farmers have taken government money not to grow the poppy, but carry on growing it anyway because there's more money from the poppy crop than any other.

Thus when a drug becomes legal – we can simply start growing our own. this forces the price down and very quickly it becomes less attractive to farmers who return to growing crops which makes the most profits.

Right now the most profitable crop is corn – why? because when we buy a bag of pop-corn it has already returned a profit of 3000% (three thousand percent) upon it's original purchase price. in fact corn (corn on the cob) is the most profitable crop anywhere. Soon the chemicals industry will start making 'plastics' entirely from corn starch – biodegradable and totally GREEEEN. its where we're headed. also such as ethanol etc.

Grow your own corn at home.…

Ethanol how it's made…

What will really happen if marijuana is legalized?
I was just thinking the other day, if marijuana is legalized, won't that make more farmers to to growing weed in place of other, less lucrative crops like corn, tomatoes, etc?

I don't believe so, people still need to eat. The high demand for fruits and vegetables will always be there.

Damn are you high? **** I ain't even high right now and what you just said makes no sense in the real world.
If marijuana was legalized and i'll just leave my points in direct to your question and won't talk about how it would affect anything but farmers, then weed would no longer be US's biggest cash crop. First off there is only so much money in the marijuana industry because it is illegal. it is a illegal product with a huge demand and people pay alot more because it is illegal, and people need to take certain measures and always have the risk of going to jail for providing you this plant. So that jacks up the price, second is availability as its illegal you can't get it from multiple stores around your area, there is multiple dealers but if you want something you know from a guy you can trust he basically sets your price and you will most likely pay it if its >60$ per ounce difference.. it it was legalized you wouldn't have this problem, you would have the people who grow a few plants and smoke for themselvess ((A reason why they don't want to legalize and tax marijuana is because they cant tax regualar citizens growing a few plants but they can tax you on alchohol cause sure as **** you aint gonna make that yourself)), you would have the buisness that sold all different types of marijuana from growers who grew them professional with companys. I think the current medicinal rate is something like 8$/gram. most average weed smokers pay 10-15$ a gram. The more bulk the cheaper the price. The more thats grown, the more people will have compition and marijuana is a extremly cheap plant to produce, you buy one seed, grow it in 3 months, crop it, grow 4 more plants from the same seed that cost you 30$ or from a friend and within a few months you have a full garden outside with FREE HEAT from the sun ((No huge growrooms that are illegally set up which cost you tons of money in lights, fans, etc.)) you would just water those babys and they would grow up to be fruitful. So seeing if marijuana was legalized I could see the price being around 40$/ounce, with some TAX on that probably pretty high.
So no all farmers aint going to grow marijuana, because it simply would not be worth in price. I would probably expect that a portion would switch because the day it is legalized will be crazy compared to 10-20 years down the road when the marijuana legal market has been built up.
Another point would be that alot more people would become farmers and grow legal marijuana if the current price stayed the you would also have to factor in that more people will actually become farmers to grow dope. ((Seriously its the best job in the world.Wake up, check on your babys, do some cleaning up, trimming, watering, then just sitting in the sun watching them sway in the fields while smoking some of the last harvest = Heaven on earth for a farming job.))

I would organize a celebration march for every pothead in the world and we would all march around in a parade smoking weed and making the streets smell like pot. then we would play Bob Marley and sing along all night long. it would be great.

Its possible, but I doubt it.

A small (large, really) difference between the us/marijuana issue and the columbia/cocaine issue is that cocaine nets FAR FAR FAR FAR more in profits than marijuana could ever dream of. The only way farming marijuana could make as much money as farming cocaine is if one or two farmers supplied 100% of the product.

That will never happen.

Will more farmers add it to what they grow? Probably. But I dont think its going to be enough to really have an impact on our food supply.

Beyond that, I dont really expect that its going to be legal for the public to grow. I expect that growers will have to have licenses and so forth to grow, especially for profit. I expect that if legalized for public recreational use, the farming will be controlled much the same as tobacco farming.

What will really happen if marijuana is legalized?

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